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Fachschaft Meetings online now

27 July 2023

Hello everybody, from now to accomate those who may not be physically present, Fachschaft meetings will now be online.

They will be held in our new discord server.

I made this because the old invite link for our other server rotted away, and I need to figure out who is in charge of our old one to fix it.

Additionally, as a measure to increase our efficiency, we will now be using an agenda. To keep things on topic, any discussion that we do must be first entered into the agenda before the meeting starts. This means now is the time enter what you would like to discuss.

Link to Agenda

Hope to see you online at 5PM tomorrow.

New Planning Repo

25 July 2023

Hello everyone, have you even wanted to be involved in Fachschaft, but didn’t know what it was? Or maybe you thought about joining, but you thought they were useless and they didn’t do anything. Or maybe you thought the meeting was too boring because nothing got done?

To address these issues, we’ve decided to open a Github Repo to help with planning events. It is public, so anyone can contribute without even coming to our meetings. It will also help with transparency, so everybody knows what is going on, and what the current event is.

The link is here.

Weekly Update

22 July 2023

The end of the semester is soon. For next semester we are planning on hosting some welcome events for the new students. Please contact us if you would like to help plan events.

Weekly Update

14 July 2023

Hello everyone.

Today nobody came to our meeting 😵 .

But I will still update our website to show that we are not dead.

If you would like to see the Fachschaft do more stuff, please come to our meetings.

If you want the Fachschaft to die, pls ignore.

Anyway, we don’t have any events planned because it’s really hot outside and I don’t want to do anything.

We are planning sometime in the future to become a twitch streamer and make it big. Our first stream will be about changing our name to be more inclusive or something. That’s about it, hopefully more people will come next week.

Game Night

19 June 2023


This Wednesday, on June 21st we are having a game night in Room 181 in the SFS building (Keplerstrasse 2 building), this time at 6PM (an hour earlier than last time). Snacks will be provided. Also please bring games, because the Fachschaft doesn’t have any.