The Fachschaft* Sprachwissenschaft is an association of students, open to all who study at the Seminar für Sprachwissenschaft (SfS) at the University of Tübingen, whether general or computational linguistics, or both. Our objectives are

  • to help each other–especially new students–by sharing our experiences,
  • to organize events for getting to know each other, and
  • to lobby for improvements in the course of studies and at the university.

If you’re interested in joining us, please come to one of the regulars’ tables, write us an email/a message on Facebook or talk to one of us in person! We look forward to getting to know you :-)

Meeting times

Our meetings are currently every Monday at 6:30 PM at 035 Brechtbau.

*Technically, the term Fachschaft refers to the entire SfS student body, but colloquially it is almost always used synonymously with Fachschaftsrat to refer to the group of student representatives. This is also how we generally use the term.