Updating the Email Account

After an email admin finishes studying at the SfS, it’s necessary to update the email account information. Otherwise, the email account will be deactivated after some amount of time (fortunately, there is an automated reminder email beforehand).

To do this, go to https://uni-tuebingen.de/einrichtungen/zentrum-fuer-datenverarbeitung/oft-gefragt/antraege/antraege-mit-deckblatt/ and download the Deckblatt (“cover sheet”) and the form for updating the account (Funktions-Login-ID/E-Mail-Adresse für Infoadministratoren universitärer Gruppen > Änderung).

Fill out the update form with the new admin’s contact information.

Ask the SfS secretary or a professor (or someone from the faculty’s dean’s office (Dekanat)) to fill out the Deckblatt.

Email the Deckblatt and the form to the ZDV.

To enable auto-forwarding of Fachschaft emails to the inbox for your main email address, log into the webmail interface with the FS log-in and go to Mail > Filters > Forward and enter your main email address (make sure to keep “Keep a copy of messages in this account?” checked).