Software Internships (ISCL)

To get impressions of what the software internships can look like (and how different they all are) and to find out more about potential companies/organizations where you can apply, we recommend going to the internship presentations! They take place approximately twice a semester and are announced via email about a week before they take place.

You should also check the internship page on the SfS website, which contains general information on the internship module as well as a sample list of companies where you could do your internship.

Internship reports and presentations

Please contact us if you’d like to share your internship report and/or presentation!

  • Sevde Ceylan (BA ISCL) @ VICO Research & Consulting GmbH: report


This is a non-exhaustive(!!) list of companies where ISCL students have completed software internships and/or companies that have reached out to the SfS and/or us because they are regularly looking for software interns.

Here is a list of companies that frequently offer internships for computational linguists:

Other companies that offer internships not especially for computational linguists, but more general programming internships:

Job portals are also a very good opportunity to do a specialized search for internships, for example: