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Fachschaft meeting: Plans for the start of the semester

29 October 2020

Hey everyone,

We had a meeting today to plan the start of the winter semester. This is just the short summary; the long version is in our Telegram group (let us know if you’d like to join!).

  1. Erstiwoche, the welcome week for new students (all events will take place online!):
    • Monday, Nov 2, 6:15 PM. Regulars’ table / open Fachschaft meeting: get to know us and find out how the Fachschaft works and what we do!
    • Tuesday, Nov 3, 4 PM. Ersticafé (we help you with any questions about studying or living in Tübingen) and speed-friending (get to know your future classmates).
    • Thursday, Nov 5, 8 PM. Virtual pub crawl. Bring a few drinks and your favourite snack!
  2. Intro meetings. We will briefly introduce the Fachschaft during the SfS intro meetings for all students of General and Computational Linguistics on Monday.
  3. Buddy programme. We decided who will match up pairs/groups of people. You can still sign up until November 4th!
  4. Moodle. We’re currently setting up our Moodle page. This is where we’ll share links to the online events. It will be accessible to all students starting next week!
  5. Office hours. We will have online office hours where you can ask us questions every week or every other week. The first office hour will be on Tuesday, Nov 10, 5 PM.
  6. Discord. We set up a Discord server for SfS students (link on the aforementioned Moodle page).
  7. In-person activities. Definitely not possible at the moment. Once the Covid-19 situation improves, we might be able to plan some hikes or other activities.

All the best and see you soon,

– The Fachschaft

Website updates

15 October 2020

Hey everybody,

We recently added some pages to this website:

Please let us know if there are specific guides you’d like for us to add to the webpage or if you have (part of) a guide you’d like to contribute! And if you’d like to share your thesis, your internship report/presentation and/or your Erasmus/exchange report to help out fellow students, please contact us!

All the best,

– The Fachschaft

Buddy programme

5 October 2020

Dear new and returning students,

Since there will be few in-person, on-campus activities that are going to take this semester, we want to make it easier for you to get to know your classmates and other students at the linguistics institute.

One of our plans is to create a buddy programme for new and returning students alike. Ideally, we’d like to match up each interested new student with a returning student with matching interests, but we might create other constellations of small student groups if necessary.

To make this happen, we need you (current and future SfS students) to sign up! Just fill out the linked questionnaire and email it to nwsinf1 AT uni-tuebingen DOT de until November 4th.


  • Do I need to be in Tübingen (now or during the semester) to join? No, ‘online’ students can also be matched up with one another.
  • Do I need to have received all of my matriculation materials (student ID, email account) to sign up? No, you can sign up with a non-university email address as well.
  • Does it matter if this will be my first/last/etc. semester at the SfS or if I am a BA or MA student? No, all SfS students are welcome and encouraged to participate :)
  • Any other questions? Please send us an email!

All the best and looking forward to hearing from you soon,

– The Fachschaft

FS Meeting: Preparing activities for the winter semester

13 August 2020

Hey everyone,

Our first meeting concerning the upcoming winter semester was yesterday. The main topic was how to offer covid-appropriate alternatives to our usual beginning-of-the-semester activities. This is the short summary of the meeting, the long version is in our Telegram group (let us know if you’d like to join!).

  1. Digital activities for the upcoming semester: digital Ersti (first semester student) café, either combined with or in addition to digital ‘speed friending’ (get to know your future classmates in small groups at a time).
  2. Buddy programme: Can we find enough interested ‘old’ students who would like to participate in a buddy programme for new students?
  3. Office hours: If possible, we’d like to organize digital Fachschaft office hours next semesters so that you all can easily contact us with questions or concerns about your studies.
  4. Discord server: We’re planning to set up a Discord server (or something similar) for new students.
  5. Transparency about meetings: We decided to share more information about our meetings, and you can already see the results here :-)
  6. Hiring new professors: Two Fachschaft members are part of the hiring committee for a new linguistics professor, and they gave us a summary of how this works.

Do you have suggestions for activities for SfS students in the new semester? Would you like to help out with organizing the activities mentioned above? Or would you like to join future meetings to get involved in the decisions the Fachschaft makes, or just to get a better impression of what we do exactly and how? Get in touch with us (nwsinf1 AT uni-tuebingen DOT de); we’d love to hear from you!

Enjoy the summer break and good luck with your term papers/projects!

– The Fachschaft

Summer semester 2020 (again)

17 April 2020

Hey everyone,

We added a page where we collect information on semester opening meetings and classes offered at the SfS (and by the computer science department):
It contains some additional information to our previous post and will be updated in case we find out more.

– The Fachschaft