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Weekly Update

2 June 2023

Hello everyone.

Welcome to the weekly update.


Next week is a game night at on Wednesday 7PM, the place is undetermined, but if I don’t post it will probaly be in the Facshchaft room.

Bring your own games, and food will be provided.

If we don’t have any games we will make origami or something.

We are also making the general purpose tutorials a weekly things, so if you want to join next time, reminder that it will be at 3PM on Friday in the Fachschaft room.


Are you graduating soon? We are considering doing a graduating party. Please get in touch if you actually care.

Weekly Update

27 May 2023

Hello everyone, to show that we are not dead, we have decided to start a weekly summary to recap what was discussed in the Fachschaft meeting.

First we got an advertisement in our emails.

bright is offering an online workshop on June 30th about getting internships. If anyone cares, we can send you the email.

Change in Fachschaft meetings

We have decided to change our meeting times to Fridays at 5:00 PM!

Events next week!

Even though next week is Pentecost (Pfingsten), we will still have events next week. This is for students that have boring lives and gives them a chance to finally touch grass.

Game Night!

On Wednesday, May 31st, we will have a game night/picnic. It will be at 7PM in the BOTA (Old Botanical garden). Please bring your own games. Also it would be nice if some of you could bring snacks. And someone bring tarps too.

All purpose tutorial!

The all purpose tutorial will be next week on Friday on June 2 at 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM in the Fachschaft room. You can ask any questions that you may have or just study there with your peers.

Next Fachschaft meeting!

The next meeting will be at 5:00 PM in the Fachschaft room right after our all purpose tutorial.

General Tutorials

25 May 2023

Hello everyone, it seems like some of you guys would be interested in a general purpose tutorial.

The format will be casual, so I don’t have anything planned, but this format may change depending on feedback.

It will be tomorrow in the Fachschaft room (SFS room 049) at 4:00PM and go until 7PM. You can then join us for our weekly fachschaft meeting.


24 April 2023

Hello everyone, we are having sponsored alcoholism a pub crawl this Friday to start your semester off with a new addiction fun time!

Hey peeps! We’re having another start-of-semester pub crawl! It’ll take place this Friday. Pubs to be announced. So as to have an idea of how many people would like to show up, please fill out this form: Additionally, it would be great that if you change your mind you let us know via email that you won’t be attending. hope to see you on Friday 🍹

Start of Summer Semester 23

22 April 2023

Hi guys.

This is a reminder that we are in fact NOT dead. We had our first fachschaft meeting yesterday, and a quick reminder that Fachschaft meetings are currently at 7PM Fridays at the SFS building (Keplerstraße 2) in room 049. Feel free to join.


Do you think this website sucks? Do you think this website is dead, because nobody updated in 6 months? Do you think this website should be turned into an advertisement for your crypto pyramid scheme?

If you said yes to any of these things, guess what? This website is open source and on github! Feel free to make pull request with your own changes! If you need help, instructions should be in the sidebar. I (John) would appreciate any help, since it’s been mostly me updating the website for the past semester. And I now resort to passive agressive messages to beg for help.