General Resources for Your Computational Linguistics Journey

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Data Collections & Corpora


Finding literature online

  • Google Scholar
    • freely accessible web search engine that only displays scholarly literature for all disciplines
  • ACL Anthology
    • collection of papers focusing only on the study of computational linguistics and natural language processing

Intro Level


  • From Data to Viz
    • helps you find the appropriate visualisation for your data
  • Overleaf
    • cloud-based LATEX editor to be used in your browser
  • Regex101
    • test and understand regex
  • Wiktionary
    • Great resource for finding definitions in any language and word resources in general
    • Many words have IPA transcriptions
    • Great etymology, will often be able to trace English words back to PIE.
  • Wikipedia IPA Chart
    • Better than the paper chart because you can click on stuff
    • Also bigger than the offical chart for some reason
    • Clicking on each phone will also give you examples of words using that phone in various languages
  • Anki
    • General Flashcard program


  • Github Desktop
    • Desktop GUI for using git if you are still uncomfortable with the commandline

Text Editors



Written Form