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End-of-Semester Regulars’ Table

23 January 2020

Dear general & computational linguists,

Good luck with the upcoming exams and final projects!

Once the exam phase is over, we want to celebrate with you! Join us for the last regulars’ table before the beginning of the lecture-free period 🎉
It will take place at Neckarmüller on Friday, February 7, at 8 PM.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!
– The Fachschaft

Chomsky or Chimpsky? The results are in!

20 December 2019

The three donation boxes

Dear all,

Thanks for joining us at the Christmas party!

Here are the results from the partygoers’ donations:

  • 43% for loving Nim Chimpsky and avoiding linguistics fights
  • 32% for following Chomsky & generativism
  • 25% for opposing Chomsky & generativism

A big thank you to all of you who donated a bit of their money and/or time to help us!

Happy holidays and enjoy the break! ❄

❄ Regulars’ Table & Christmas Party ❄

3 December 2019

Dear linguists and computational linguists,

We’d like to invite you to two events this month:

First, we have a regulars’ table this Friday (December 6th, 8 PM). It’s at the Irish pub Saints & Scholars, just across the street from SfS. Everybody is welcome!
Facebook event

We’d also like to invite you to our annual SfS Christmas Party! It will take place on Thursday, December 19th (SfS room 0.02, 8 PM).
As always, there will be free food, Glühwein, beer and nice music. A money box for donations can be found at the secretary’s office on the first floor, any gesture is much appreciated! It would be also great if you bring cookies or some small snacks for the party :)
We look forward to seeing you all there!
Facebook event

– Your Fachschaft

Waffles in front of Brechtbau

18 November 2019

We’re selling waffles in front of Brechtbau today (Nov 18th, from 9 AM until the batter runs out). The money we earn goes towards the events we organize, like the Christmas party. We have all kinds of toppings, including gingerbread and speculoos, so stop by and treat yourself to a waffle! 💛