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26 September 2023

Welcome Ersties! Kick-Start Your Journey with Our Exciting Precourse! 🎉

Ersti is what we call first-semester students at German universities. So, if you are just about to start your studies, keep reading; this event is for you!

🌟 What’s in Store?

  • Designed for Ersties: Specifically curated for those stepping into the Computational Linguistics program.
  • A Mix of Topics: Engage in a variety of technical and non-technical subjects! From the basics of programming to campus life insights, we have it all!
  • Interactive Q&A Sessions: Post-course, participate in lively Q&A sessions and clarify any lingering questions!

📅 When?

October 9th to October 13th 2023, just before the lecture period starts!

We unofficially start on Monday at 9AM by meeting for coffee at a student-run coffee shop Willis.

See the full schedule

📍 Where?

Meet us at the University of Tübingen in one of the lecture halls where you might have lectures later on! The event will take place in the building of our Seminar für Sprachwissenschaft in Keplerstraße 2, lecture hall 001 (when you enter through the main door from Keplerstraße, it’s the first door on your left).

🌈 Why Attend?

  • Gain Insight: Suitable for all, from tech aficionados to beginners, offering a wealth of knowledge!
  • Network & Connect: Meet fellow Ersties and form connections before the semester officially kicks off!
  • Fun Learning Environment: Enjoy the relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere! Attendance is optional—come to learn and have fun!

We also have gifts.

Let us know that you are coming!

Please fill out this form to let us know that you are coming!

🌐 Stay Connected!

Join the ersties groupchat, where we will also update you if there are any last minute changes. Can’t make it to the precourse? No worries, we’ll upload the slides for all the Ersties to catch up!

🎊 Can’t Wait to See You There for a Joyful Learning Experience! 🎊

New Students Info!!!

23 September 2023

Hello, new students/potentially new stuents.

🎉🌐 Welcome Future Linguists! 🌐🎉

🔗 Join the Ultimate Linguistics Hub!

🌟 Who Is This For?

If you’re a newbie in Computational Linguistics or General Linguistics, this group chat is the gateway to your academic journey! Connect with fellow newcomers and embark on an intellectual adventure together! 🔥 Why You Should Join:

📚 Get the Latest Updates! Be the first to receive all the vital updates related to the pre-course and upcoming academic events.

🤝 Networking Opportunities! Connect with fellow linguistics enthusiasts and build a community of like-minded scholars!

🧠 Knowledge Sharing! Exchange ideas, resources, and insights with peers to enrich your understanding of linguistics.

💬 Interactive Learning! Engage in stimulating discussions and gain different perspectives on diverse linguistic topics.

🎉 Be a Part of the Excitement! Share your journey, celebrate your achievements, and be a part of a supportive and exciting community!

📢 Get Involved! Click here to join and be a part of an enthusiastic and dynamic group of future linguists!

🌈 What You Can Expect:

🌐 Engage: Dive into engaging conversations about computational and general linguistics. 🌐 Learn: Gain insights and knowledge from peers and seasoned linguists. 🌐 Share: Offer your own experiences, resources, and perspectives on linguistic topics. 💻 Dive Deep into the World of Linguistics! Whether you are looking for academic discussions, seeking advice, or wanting to share your excitement about linguistics, our group chat is the place to be!

🌟 Spread the Word! Invite your friends, colleagues, and anyone interested in linguistics to join our thriving community! The more, the merrier!

📣 Don’t Miss Out! Jump into the realm of linguistics, meet like-minded peers, and let’s create a harmonious symphony of linguistic thoughts together! See you in the FS-Linguistics Group Chat!

Let the Linguistic Journey Begin! 🚀

Another survey

30 August 2023

Please take this survey, as it would help us improve what we offer.