Using ALMA

Some of the upcoming SfS classes are missing.

Don’t worry! The SfS often takes its time when it comes to announcing all of its courses and course details on the university’s online platforms. At the very latest, you’ll get all the relevant course details during the GenLing/ISCL introductory GenLing/ISCL meeting at the very beginning of the semester.

The semester is about to start and I can’t sign up for SfS classes on Alma yet.

Don’t worry! Generally speaking, it’s not necessary to sign up for SfS classes before the semester starts. The lecturers announce if/how/when/where to sign up for the courses during the general introductory GenLing/ISCL meeting at the very beginning of the semester and/or during the first actual lecture.

How do I use Alma?

Because Alma is such intuitive and easy to use software1, the department has decided to not put up any useful info inside alma. Instead, most of the information about the courses are on moodle, or will be explained during the intro meeting at the beginning of the semester.

Sometime during the semester, you will sign up for the exam.

What am I looking at on alma

Assuming you are using English, Go to the top, and under studies offered, click show university course catalogue.

Go to 5 Faculty of Humanities -> General Linguistics/Computational Linguistics

Here you see the programs, including ones that are outdated for some reason. Click on your program.

Under it, you should see your modules. You might see that different modules have the same contents. This is because you can choose the module to allocate your class to. You might also have repeats of the same class. This because for many classes, you can choose how many credits you want to receive.

Extra help

This is a guide for Master’s students, but also has some info on using Alma, which may be helpful

  1. Irony