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Christmas Events

18 November 2022

Hello everybody, we have two events coming up.

On December 5th, we’re having a game night. Place is undetermined.

On December 9th, we’re having a Christmas party in room 02 in Wilhelmstraße 19.

Game Night

13 November 2022

Hi, there is a game night tomorrow.

game night

Pre-course registration link

1 October 2022

Hello freshmen of the SfS,

here’s the registration form for our pre-course which takes place October 10-14, 2022: precourse registration

Make sure to not miss it if you want to start your studies prepared and informed. :)

– The Fachschaft

Pre-course & repetitoria

20 September 2022

Hi there - old and new,

Here are two offers from students for students to make you ready for the winter term. :)



We are happy to announce that this year, for the first time, we’re planning a pre-course for students who start their studies at the SfS.

What is it about? - The main goal is to facilitate the beginning of your studies. Over the course of a week, we provide you with handy information about

  • general uni functionalities and self-organization,
  • basics about programming, linguistics and necessary math, and
  • how to set up your computer.

When will it take place? - 10-14 October, 2022 - so, just before the semster starts.

What next? - More detailed information about exact times and rooms, and how to register, will follow here. Stay tuned! :)



Furthermore, we continue offering repetitoria for more advanced students.

What are they about? - Revisiting the contents of previous semesters covering topics such as programming (java and python), statistics, text technology, and linguistics.

When will they take place? - 10-14 and 17-21 October, 2022.

What next? - Same as with the precourse, more detailed information will follow, so please come back and check this site at a later point. :)


Wishing you all the best to settle into the mood of a new semster,

– The Fachschaft


9 May 2022

Hi all,

Whether to sit in silence and get work done, for questions you’re too embarrassed to ask in class, or to meet people you can study with: Make sure to come check out our all-purpose tutorials!

Every Tuesday:

  • 10:15 – 11:45 - Room 1.13 @ SfS - tutors: Lisa ( & Miriam (
  • 14:15 – 15:45 - Room 035 @ Brechtbau - tutors: Kuan ( & Victoria (

Every Thursday:

  • 18:15 – 19:45 - Room 1.13 @ SfS - tutors: Akshat ( & Floarea ( We’re looking forward to meeting you!

– The Fachschaft