Statistics Pre-midterm Workshop

Prepare for the upcoming Methods II: Statistics midterm with our workshop!

What is the plan?

  • Warm up quiz
  • General recap
  • Q&A session


Saturday, June 15 - Time will be either 10 AM - 2 PM or 2PM - 5PM. Let us know about your preference by filling out this Sign-up form


Seminar room 035 at Brechtbau.

Why Attend?

  • We will focus on the following materials from the course: “Basics of statistics”, “Regression”.
  • We will summarise various regression models.
  • The workshop does not cover how to deal with specific things in R (loading data, removing outliers, etc.)

Let us know that you are coming!

The room has a limited capacity so please make sure to fill out the signup form to let us know that you are coming, so we can save you a seat! Of course if there should be a higher demand, we can get more chairs

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