R Workshop

Kick-start your summer semester studies with our two day workshop about a pirates favourite programming language - R.

What sort of questions does this workshop cover?

  • What is R and why you should care
  • How do I install and run R
  • What is a dataframe
  • How to work with vectors and matrices
  • If I wanted the graph to be blue instead of red, how would I do that


  • Wednesday, October 17th 1PM-5PM - Introduction to R, help with installation, basic syntax, tools, techniques
  • Thursday, October 18th 10AM-2PM - Data analysis walk-through, pre-processing, plotting and more


Seminar room 035 at Brechtbau.

Why Attend?

  • Discover the exciting world of doing statistics with R (totally not sarcastic nope not me neverrr)
  • Prepare for Methods II: Statistics and any Hauptseminar that uses R
  • Get a refresher on the basics, for those who already dabbled but perhaps have forgotten
  • And last but not least something of a more serious note: Methods II: Statistics is a part of your orientation exam which you have to pass before your third semester ends, but it is offered only in the summer semester. Meaning that you really want to pass on the first try, otherwise you might need to prolong your studies. (Please as always, consult the Module handbook and the Examination Regulation.)

Let us know that you are coming!

The room has a limited capacity so please make sure to fill out the signup form to let us know that you are coming, so we can save you a seat! Of course if there should be a higher demand, we can get more chairs

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