Weekly Update

Hello welcome to the weekly update.

Events this week

General Purpose Tutorial

We are continuing with the all purpose tutorials, where you can get help in any undergraduate course. This is 3PM on Fridays, and you can come and go as you like.

Also, we are now having snacks as a reward for coming to the tutorial. I brought snacks today, but apparently I am “not allowed to do that”, so it will look like you will need to bring your own snacks next time. :(

Decorating the Room

Have you been to the Fachschaft room? Do you think it looks lame? Well, we are having an event to decorate the room. It will be rigt after the general purpose tutorial at 5PM this Friday. Also I’m not sure if we can supply materials, so you may have to bring your own crayons or whatever. Please do not decorate it with something inapprpriate.