Hey everyone,

We had a meeting today to plan the start of the winter semester. This is just the short summary; the long version is in our Telegram group (let us know if you’d like to join!).

  1. Erstiwoche, the welcome week for new students (all events will take place online!):
  2. Intro meetings. We will briefly introduce the Fachschaft during the SfS intro meetings for all students of General and Computational Linguistics on Monday.
  3. Buddy programme. We decided who will match up pairs/groups of people. You can still sign up until November 4th!
  4. Moodle. We’re currently setting up our Moodle page. This is where we’ll share links to the online events. It will be accessible to all students starting next week!
  5. Office hours. We will have online office hours where you can ask us questions every week or every other week. The first office hour will be on Tuesday, Nov 10, 5 PM.
  6. Discord. We set up a Discord server for SfS students (link on the aforementioned Moodle page).
  7. In-person activities. Definitely not possible at the moment. Once the Covid-19 situation improves, we might be able to plan some hikes or other activities.

All the best and see you soon,

– The Fachschaft